About Us

DUCKBUTTER. Brought to you in the tradition of great men.

Socrates, Greek philosopher and revolutionary.  Saint Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland.  Leonardo daVinci, the first ever to explain why the sky is blue.  John Knox, the Father of Presbyterianism.  William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon.  Galileo Galilei, the Father of Modern Astronomy and rebel scientist.  Henry David Thoreau, the original refined woodsman.  Robert Lewis Dabney, the quintessential Renaissance man.  Alexander Graham Bell, inventor extraordinaire. 

Across the centuries.  Great men.  Bearded and badass.

Established in the memory of Robert Mackley (1936), who believed that everything could be done faster, better and cheaper without compromising quality.  With these principles in mind, DUCKBUTTER is now sold in over 20 countries worldwide.

Today at DUCKBUTTER that passion has three aims. Quality. Excellence. Value.

  • Top quality ingredients are an absolute necessity. We source our oils worldwide, accepting no substitutes or inferior distillations.
  • Using only state of the art laboratory testing and best practice methodologies allows us to produce the finest proprietary blends of oils and scents. Our process ensures excellent unguents that promote healthy skin, and optimize growth and strength.
  • Leveraging our best in class practices with high volume acquisition of the finest ingredients means that we offer an amazing oil for an even more amazing price. DUCKBUTTER is always the best value for your bearded buck.

Your beard is your pride and joy. Treat it that way! With the combination of nutritive oils and compelling scents, DUCKBUTTER Beard Oil makes the difference between ordinary facial hair and hirsute bad-assery.

Bearded greatness starts with the bearded duck.

DUCKBUTTER is owned and operated Sofo's Management Company.